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Disney Love

I've been watching so many Disney films with the tiny lately. I love them more than she does, I think. My favourites would be:

Probably the least angsty recent Disney film, not to mention the most watchable, regardless of age.

The Lion King.
loosely based off hamlet... awesome in itself. The actual story behind this film and how it was made is equally amazing as the film itself. The animation is beautiful, the songs are catchy and the storyline (though it is pretty dark for a kid's movie) is awesome.

Peter Pan.
I'm a big fan of the older Disney movies, to be honest. While they're a little slower in pacing than the newer ones, the music is divine and the characters are usually incredibly likeable... though some characters, dialogue, etc. would no longer be deemed politcally correct now and they would never be able to make the same films now... take Alice in Wonderland, for example. The main character drinks from an unmarked bottle, eats a stranger's food and talks to strangers constantly, something they're no longer allowed to portray or condone in children's films because they don't want to encourage this behaviour. Peter Pan is also interesting because the character designs of the lost boys are clearly an inspiration for Maurice Sendak's Where the Wild Things Are.

My favourite point? the evil cat called Lucifer. Pure gold.

Mary Poppins.
The video of Mary Poppins was my 1st Christmas present after we moved to Australia. I watched it so many times that the sound has gone from the tape. I have friends who can't STAND julie andrews, I'm not one of these people. Also, Mr Banks looks so much like my dad that it's quite scary.

The Aristocats.
There used to be a run-down old drive-in near one of the houses we lived in during the early 90s. This was the 1st time I saw The Aristocats and I fell in love with the songs and little Marie, possibly the cutest AND most annoying kitten to ever live. My parents apparently met the author of the original book when they were in Greece on a holiday. Apparently, the original story was not so child-friendly and it was a lot longer, the movie covering a small part of the overall story. He didn't seem terribly pleased about the way the film turned out but, frankly, none of the Disney versions of the original fairytales are particularly accurate... so either don't give them the film rights or you can suck it in.

The Little Mermaid.
Awesome soundtrack, awesome characters and just one of my favourite fairytales anyway. 'Nuff said, really.

Lilo and Stitch.
Ok, so generally, I'm not a fan of any Disney movies made after the mid 90s, but this film really touched me. I think it's adorable, I LOVE the music and (I think) it has a really sweet storyline.

All images, characters, etc are the property of Disney.
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