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Writer's Block: Compare and contrast

What ten words would you use to describe yourself? If your friends were asked to describe you, how closely would all the lists match up?

I'm bored enough to answer this >_<

Ok, well I'd probably describe myself as:

- Scattered
- Introverted
- Messy
- Eager
- Affectionate
- Determined
- Mature
- Immature
- Easily distracted
- Loyal

I think for the most part, these are things that friends/family/etc would agree with. My partner would probably agree with all of these things but obviously there are certain facets of your personality that shine through in different ways when you're around people that you hold dear... you try and hold in some of your flaws or annoying habits, the introverted become extroverts (I'm a bit of both, but I'm REALLY SHY... though I'd never show it) and the slobs of the earth become neat-freaks. I don't have many friends at the moment. I've moved interstate twice in the last few years, so my friends from Adelaide (where I grew up) and I have fallen out of touch (with a few exceptions) and the people that I do interact with have changed since we were in school and so have I... we don't know eachother as well. I have one close friend in Sydney, who changes every time I see her. I miss her a lot and I always try to be my best self when I'm around her because she's someone I admire so much.... but I also think that maybe she'd describe me in a different light to how I'd describe myself. In melbourne, I only really have one close friend. She knows me a little too well, to the point where it's a bit scary, but even then, I wonder how she's portray me?

I guess the thing is, we all overlook our own flaws AND positive attributes when we describe ourselves because they're only visible to others.

well, this didn't alleviate much boredom at all.
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