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LJ overhaul.

Hi :)
long time since I last used LJ. I did a complete overhaul, like I do every time I go back on again... basically deleting all the stuff that was there previously and starting afresh. I still think it's better thandeleting the account and making a new one, that's reeeeally tiresome.

So what's hit me since I was last an active member of the LJ world? My obsession with riot grrl has died down a little, I'm happily living in Melbourne with my adorable partner and I have a cute one year old girl who is my life =]

I -finally- got my hands on the Gothic and Lolita bible *squee* but unfortunately, I think the English edition is really lacking... quite boring, full of American cosplayers. Not that there's anything wrong with being a western lolita (or I wouldn't be here, obviously) but I think that most people after the Gothic and lolita bible are after the same content (or similar) as the Japanese edition and the same models, articles, etc. I've happily made (or started to make) some of the cute little bags, purses, mobile phone holders, etc. but I'm looking for patterns for skirts, dresses, shirts, etc... but with a bit of a twist as well, just to make things interesting.

My style inspirations at the moment: Nana Oosaki (as always ^__^)
Uzuki Yashiro (from 'The World Ends With You')... in fact, I was channeling her a few years back, before she was in existence.
Generally, if I want to look for inspiration, I play some videogames (final fantasy and square enix characters are always great for this), read an Ai Yazawa manga, look at high fashion shots (for clothing more out-there than the standard person would dream of wearing) or look at Fruits.

My lolita days are becoming less and less frequent because I'm getting older, my bust is getting bigger, I don't really know any other lolitas and I also have a job and a million other things that inhibit my dressing like a little doll. I'd love to be able to meet other lolitas in Melbourne and catch up for cake one day but making sure things are pram-friendly or expecting strangers to be ok with a small child hanging around means I'm a little apprehensive about getting in touch with people. Also, I like the freedom of being able to have piercings, fluoro hair and other things which kind of retract from the Lolita image.

Ooh! I also found a new page, my new love and shopping inspiration for when I have money aplenty... Anna House! Most lolitas have probably already heard of them but I nearly fell off my chair when I saw how adorable AND cheap their stuff is... in fact, I wonder if someone could tell me if their stuff is good quality...?
Also, as far as Melbourne goes, I also like Friends of Couture and Refuse to be Usual.

In any case, I plan to be on LJ a fair bit more now that I have the chance.


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