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Dubbed vs. Subbed

Ok, so I've been posting a lot of gratuitous nonsense, using up my downloads as I post pictures every five seconds... my bad.

Lately, I've been watching a lot of anime (some things never change XD). HOWEVER, unlike a few years back, I've been watching it (gasp) DUBBED! My main reasons being: 1) my partner has horrible eyesight. He can't read the subtitles fast enough because he's squinting like they're in Spanish. 2) My small child actually understands what's going on if it's in English.

I made a few realisations about watching dubbed anime which hadn't hit me until now because I was an anime snob who insisted that it had to be in the original language or not at all... this stemmed from watching dubbed sailor moon until I saw the movies in Japanese and thought "Holy crap, this is much better!" and never really looked back. The voice actors for anime series now, though, are a lot more talented, expressive and a hell of a lot less annoying than they were in the early to mid nineties. Moreso, with large scale productions (like studio ghibli films), they have an all-star cast.... similar to the English cast of Kingdom Hearts. It's not as bad as I thought, though i still watch in Japanese when I'm alone, and I really wish that I'd been less of a snob about this... especially when I really dislike people who "only" like a certain kind of music, film, dress, etc. and reject all others.

EG) I was fifteen. I hung out with goth and emo kids. Apparently, you're "not allowed" to like certain genres of music (least of all catchy pop songs), shop at certain places or talk to people from other scenes. That would be bad, apparently.

I told them where to shove it and made my own friends ^___^;;

The moral of the story: Never say never... and never limit the things you're allowed to enjoy.
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